The benefits of magic mushroom grow kits are clear. You can cultivate your own mushrooms from a simple and easy to use growing kit. It is much easier to care for your plants with a kit that has all the supplies necessary for a healthy and active magic mushrooms. With psilocybin mushroom cultivation kits with spores, you can begin growing it in no time at all. 


These 100% mycelium grow kit come with everything you need and instructions for easy, sterile growth conditions that are sure to yield healthy and active mushrooms in a very short amount of time. If you have never grown mushrooms before, it may be wise to choose this as your first option instead of purchasing a normal growing kit.


With psilocybin grow kits with spores, you do not have to worry about the environment being completely ideal for cultivating magic mushrooms. With the wide variety of mushroom species available, you can choose the species that you want. Once you have chosen the species you wish to cultivate, you can begin growing and harvesting them in a matter of days and only need to keep a few key items on hand.


When purchasing a mycelium grow kit with psilocybin mushroom spores, you should make sure that the proper amounts of these two mushrooms have been included in the growing medium. The proper amount of each should be approximately one third of the medium’s weight in dry weight. It is also wise to purchase a high quality grow light. This is a small but essential item that will make sure your growing experience is a success.